Happy Anniversary Juarez Academy!

When the school year opened in 1971, Benito Juarez students began the year by sharing space on our sister school campus, Kennedy Elementary down the street on Belshire Avenue in the City of Artesia.  On March 20, 1972, when the Juarez campus was completed, students and staff walked from Kennedy Elementary to their new school, Benito Juarez Elementary on Aclare Street in Cerritos.
In 2014, Juarez had the great opportunity to become a Title 1 Academy, introducing a new focus and rebranding as Juarez Academy of Engineering & Technology.  While still officially and proudly named Benito Juarez Elementary School, Juarez Academy works diligently every day to help students realize GEARs for success; a Growth-mindset, Effort, Accountability, and an unwavering Resilience working always toward the goal of fostering Innovation, Collaboration, and Empathy.
Happy Anniversary Juarez Academy!  #49yearsStrong