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Growth Mindset. Empathy. Ambition. Resilience.

Where all students are empowered to realize their full potential.
We believe that all students have the capacity to learn and be successful.
And we believe that all truly does mean ALL.

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CDE Pivotal Practice Award Logo

Congratulations Juarez!

Juarez has earned the California Pivotal Practice Award! This honor was awarded to Districts and schools that have demonstrated innovation and exceptional work when California required schools to offer distance learning. Congratulations Juarez!
Juarez Academy 50th Anniversary Logo

Happy 50th Anniversary Juarez Academy!

March 20, 1972, marks the day when Benito Juarez Elementary opened its doors to students for the very time!
Now known in the community as Juarez Academy of Engineering & Technology, we are all proud to be part of the legacy of learners who have graced its halls! We are committed to keeping the Juarez GEARs turning!