ABC EXCELS...formerly The E.X.T.R.A. Program


ABC is officially launching our new expanded learning program called ABC EXCELS at every elementary school and at Fedde, Tetzlaff, and Ross. This program is a result of the state's Expanded Learning Opportunities Program funding authorized by AB130.  ABC EXCELS is FREE to all students at Juarez Academy!


Program Vision: ABC EXCELS strives to ENGAGE students in meaningful learning & enrichment, have students X-PLORE their passions and interests, CONNECT students to each other and to their school and community, EMPOWER students to share their voice and LEAD so that they can SUCCEED in all areas of their educational experience! Our goal is to make this program meaningful in its connection to learning that happens during the school day and its impact on our students. To do this, we know that partnering and working collaboratively with the program staff and the district will be critical. 


At Juarez Academy, the YMCA and Action Youth America (AYA), both ABCUSD partners, have been contracted by the district to facilitate the program.  Daily activities include a nutritious snack, homework assistance, educational enrichment, and physical activity. Enrichment activities include art, music, dramatic play, recreational games, digital media, sports and engineering (of course!)


Days and Hours of Operation 


The EXCELS program operates after school every day that school is in session.  It begins on the first day of school in August and ends on the last day of school in June.  Program hours: Dismissal time to 6:00 PM. YMCA will facilitate the afternoon program.


Parents who may need to drop off their children at school before 8:00 AM, can enroll in the morning portion of the program (also free of charge).  Morning program hours: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM.  Students will be released to join the rest of the students when gates open at 8:00 AM.  AYA will facilitate the morning program.


 Program Enrollment


The program is open to all students. Enrollment in the EXCELS program is based on availability and is at no cost to families.  When the program is full, those who have completed interest forms will be placed on a waiting list for admission into the program.  Enrollment is handled by the ABC Child Development Department.