Project G.E.A.R.

Growing - Engineers, Advocates and Researchers

Project GEAR is a problem-based learning experience that is unique to Juarez Academy. The focus is to help students develop 21st century skills using the Engineering Design Process. This goal is met by students participating in three interdependent labs--Engineering, Library-Media, and Computer--weekly where they work collaboratively in groups on a year-long project that is presented at an annual Engineering Showcase.

During Computer Lab, students learn to meaningfully integrate technology as they explore topics and real-world issues related to an essential question. In Engineering Lab students begin the year team-building and sharpening their use of the Engineering Design Process (EDP). As the year progresses, students use the EDP to address the essential question by creating designs and prototypes. During Library-Media Lab students work year-round to hone their research and presentation skills.

Our Annual Engineering Showcase is a must see! The Showcase takes place every year during the month of May.