Health & Nutrition

Please keep your child’s Emergency Card up to date since this is our only means of contacting you.  A school nurse is on campus on a part-time basis and on-call to give emergency first-aid treatment.  If you child becomes ill at school, we will notify you as soon as possible.

  1. Children with temperatures of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home and may not return to school until their temperature has been normal for 24 hours.
  2. Parents will be notified when there is an injury to the head or broken bones are suspected.
  3. Any student who becomes too ill to remain in the classroom or on campus, should first report the illness to the teacher or supervisor on duty.  They will determine if the student is ill enough to go to the nurse’s office.
  4. All accidents must be reported immediately to the teacher/supervisor in charge.  The person contacted will see that the student gets the proper first aid attention.  All teachers have first aid materials in their classrooms.
If your child is on continuing medication, you are required by law to tell the school about the medication, the amount taken, and the name of the supervising physician.  NO over the counter medication is allowed at school, this includes cough drops.
When medication must be taken by your child during the school day, an adult must bring the medication to school in the original bottle properly labeled.  Parent must provide a completed Form 4544-HS which has the physician’s signature, information regarding the method, amount and time for the medication to be taken, and the signature of the parent or guardian. This includes the use of inhalers for asthma.

​Students may buy a SCHOOL BREAKFAST from 8:15-8:45am in the quad for $1.25.  If a students misses the morning breakfast they also offer a second chance breakfast during recess time.  The students may only choose one time for breakfast, either before school or recess time, they may not purchase a breakfast during both times.

Students may buy a SCHOOL LUNCH or bring their own.  The nutritionally balanced lunch includes milk.  Daily meal selections are listed on the school menu sent home each month with students and on the ABCUSD website.

  • School lunches cost $2.80.  We have a computerized payment system for school lunches.  It is best to pay for lunches in advance.  You may pay for a day, a week, or even months at a time.  Place cash or a check made out to ABCUSD in an envelope with your child’s name, classroom number and teacher’s name on it.  Give this envelope to the school office and credit will be added to your student’s computer lunch account.  Student may also take cash to the lunch line.
  • Parents will be notified by telephone if their child’s lunch account is getting low or if money is owed.  Any lunch account balances at the end of the year will be rolled over as credit for the next school year.
  • If your child can’t drink milk, we will replace it with juice when a written notice is received from your child’s doctor.  Milk may be purchased at school for 50¢ when your child brings a lunch from home.
Free or reduced price lunches are available to students who qualify under the income/family size guidelines set by the State of California.  Forms to apply for this lunch program were sent to you in August.  You can pick up extra forms in the school office. YOU CAN ALSO APPLY ONLINE.  It can take a couple of weeks for the applications to be processed so complete these as soon as possible.  Even if your child will NOT eat school lunches, we encourage EVERY family to complete a lunch application because some of our school funding is determined by the number of ELIGIBLE families.  Rest assured, the application process is confidential and at NO TIME will staff members see your personal information or know your status.  PLEASE COMPLETE AN APPLICATION TODAY!
In keeping with the ABC Unified School District Wellness Policy, the Federal Child Nutrition Act and California recommendations for healthy habits, we encourage you to consider the nutritional value of snacks sent to school for our students.  Refrain from bringing fast food lunches for your child.
The growing problem of overweight and obese children directly attributed to poor diets and physical inactivity is of great concern in the United States.  We want to encourage students to make wise choices for snacks (fruit, veggies, water, healthy crackers, cheese) so that they develop good habits early in life.  If you send chips, please send individual size bags.  Please do not send candy in student’s lunches.
If you know that you will be dropping off a snack or lunch to your child after the school day has started, please inform your child of this ahead of time (in the morning before leaving for school).  Your child may then check in the office during recess or at lunch to retrieve what has been dropped off.  The office will not interrupt classes to inform your child of this.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.
Juarez does not permit classroom birthday celebrations.  Unhealthy foods that are high in fat and sugar (i.e. cupcakes, ice cream, soda, and candy) are NOT ALLOWED.
        Remember, good nutrition = healthy kids!