Visiting Classrooms


Juarez Academy is a closed campus. However, we know that it is important for parents to understand how their children work within the classrooms, how the teacher works with students, how your child relates to the teacher and other children, and the teaching techniques used in the class. To better understand the dynamics that impact your child, this may warrant a supervised classroom visit by a parent. If you feel there is a need to visit the classroom, please contact the teacher or Principal to arrange a time for a classroom visit to take place. The Principal will make arrangements in advance and will likely accompany the parent visitor.


Parent Volunteers

On occasion, there may be times when teachers need the assistance of Parent Volunteers. Only those parents or guardians who have been cleared through the Parent Volunteer process will be permitted to volunteer on campus (in classrooms, during school activities, for other school programs on campus) during the school day. Classroom volunteers will be limited to parents or legal guardians of Juarez students. Exceptions to this can only be granted by school administration.


All visitors and volunteers must sign in/out at the front office and will be subject to additional verification through the Raptor Identification System.